Heath Consultants RMLD-IS

Remote methane leak detector




Heath Consultants RMLD-IS technical characteristics

Measurement characteristics
Measurement range:: 0 – 99999 ppm x m
Sensitivity:: 5 ppm-m at distances from 0 to 15 m 10 ppm-m or better at distances from 15 to 30 m
Detection Distance:: 30 m nominal
Beam Size:: Conical in shape with a 56 cm diameter at 30 m
Compliance: EMC (EN61000-6-2, EN6100-6-4)
Intrinsecally safe: Class I Division I Group D T4 – UL 913 MetLab #E112840
Caratteristiche laser
Spotter laser: Class 3a
IR laser: Class 1
Battery: Internal Intrinsecally Safe Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Battery Run Time: 8 hours (operando a 0 °C with back-light off)
Environmental characteristics
Operating temperature: -17°C to +50°C
Protection grade: IP 54
Physical characteristics
Weight: 4,5 Kg (Sensor: 1,3 Kg, Controller: 3,2 Kg)